Why Ready made niche blogs? Are they worth of money?

layout-stylesAre they worth the investment? Can they really make you money? Or are they only another shiny object from the newest get rich quick guru?
It depends.
Lots of them…yep, pure scams and lies. Undoubtedly about it. They mask themselves with various tricks, offer different promises and different explanations, but everything boils down to exactly the same thing.
They take your money, and provide you with an internet site without substance. Either it uses duplicate content which won’t show up browsing engines, or it uses poor quality “scraped” content that isn’t going to attract anybody, and definitely not make you money.
If we’re discussing someone like Empower Network, it’s actually a whole lot worse.
But Are They All Bogus?
Nope, there are a few quality ones out there. Generally, these ones don’t make false claims, promise guaranteed income/traffic, or discuss “automation”, so it should be easy to acknowledge them.
Here’s that which you could expect from a “legit” ready-made niche website:
The internet site made for you. Possibly with some content, but probably not (It’s difficult to mass produce quality content).
A definite path and explanation on how best to use it. (It’s amazing how many sites don’t give this information)
Quality and professional looking sites.
Hand-picked niches and attention to detail.
Focus on building a real niche website as opposed to concentrating on rankings and exact match keywords.
Basically, it’s perfectly fine to own somebody build a site for you, or get one from their collection, but don’t expect them to own it do the meet your needs automatically. After the foundations are laid down (the site is built), it’s your decision to grow the site and grow your business.
Need an example of quality ready made niche websites?
It’s hard to track down a perfect example because these kind of websites are bought and sold, so links go dark real quick. Actually, an out from the box website is normally nothing that special. A good one may have reduced theme, maybe some premium plugins, and if you obtain one with a pre-chosen niche, there may be some pictures or original content included.
However, the bulk of building a business still lies in front of you.
If you’re after some “amazing” system that builds sites, curates content, and earns money for you on autopilot, then i’d like to inform you that you’re just going to help keep throwing out your money.
Chances are, you’ll receive stuck with a clone site with duplicate content that’s no chance of ranking, and may damage the long run chance of ranking for this kind of domain. The $100 or what you may save by purchasing a cheapie version in place of a legitimate site from a legitimate place isn’t worth the hassle.
Why Bother With Ready Made Websites?

  1. Actually, there are quite a few advantages in their mind:
  2. Niche is chosen, researched, and verified for you.
  3. Hours of set up work is completed for you.
  4. High quality, good-looking sites.

Instructions that beginners can follow.
If you’re a starter, or someone struggling a bit with Internet Marketing, then purchasing a pre-made site could be just things you need to have that boost, the pinnacle start to push you off in the right direction.
I am aware many newcomers who have the enthusiasm and willingness to include the hard work, but if you’re going charging off in the incorrect direction, it doesn’t matter how hard you work.

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